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  • We believe in the power of information for development
  • Facilitation of public producer private sector partnership meeting
  • CLICK is secretariat of Lao Farmer Network
  • Documenting farming practices

Active services

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  • Online platforms: CLICK have been running online repositories (lao44.org and laofab.org) since 2007.
  • Lao Farmer Network: A network of 31 farmer organizations in Laos with more than 4,000 farmers from 10 provinces. The network is coordinated by CLICK since 2014.
  • Saobaan research: Community based action research for development with 17 communities in Savannakhet and Champasack province.
  • Facilitate Linking and Learning activities.
  • Capitalizaton of lessons.

Our Social Services

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  • Free website hosting for civil society, including domain name registration and web space. We currently host sites for many government, international organizations and local CSOs such as Northen Agricultural and Forestry College, Lao Font for National Contruction, Gender Development Association, Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Association, INGO network, Quality of Life Association, Dongsavath Children Development Center, CIDSE laos, LaoPha, and PADETC.
  • Free access to information for development on agriculture, health, education and development policies. The information is available at www.lao44.org and laofab.org
  • Online discussion groups on rural development. The LaoFAB and LaoLink groups have more than 5,000 members.
  • Free consultancy on communication strategies, media production, and organizational strengthening/networking to civil society organizations.